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Thank you for visiting The Hemp Oil Store. We are a group of like minded individuals dedicated to providing you the higest quality CBD products from trusted sources. 

In 2014 the owners of The Hemp Oil Store had a simple vision: to find the best growers and manufacturers of QUALITY Hemp oil products. It is our goal to carry and sell only the best hemp extracts/CBD oil for you and your family. We have carefully researched each and every brand on our website and selected them based entirely on their exceptional quality, consistency, and attention to detail. We believe in quality over quantity – so we’ve kept our selections small enough to ensure standards are exceeded, but large enough to give you variety in flavor and strength.

Our knack for selecting only the finest quality hemp oil is what led us to create The Hemp Oil Store – a one-stop-shop for CBD oil products of the highest quality. Each product has been thoroughly vetted and 3rd party lab-tested to ensure the quality of each product matches the label. All of our product’s sources have been thoroughly vetted, and only come from a small circle of trusted manufacturers who share in our expectation of high quality, uniformity, and our overall vision of providing exceptional hemp oil products. We make sure to know where the hemp is grown for each and every product that we carry as well as the type of CBD used in every product. 

We are dedicated to providing quality and value in our products and customer service, and we hope that your experience mirrors those goals. 

Thank you for your support.

The Hemp Oil Store Team

Consistent Doses

CBD oil Sprays deliver consistent, premeasured doses of CBD with every spray.


Easy To Use

The simple spraying mechanism is much easier to use than a traditional CBD dropper

Travel Size

These 1-2 oz bottles are small enough to fit in a any bag so you can have your CBD with you on-the-go

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